The most iconic train of all time is making a pit stop in Kentucky this summer and you can be a part of it.

Thomas the Train has been around for about 80 years. The popular children’s character first appeared in the 1940s. Since then, there’s been a line of very successful books, a popular TV series, and lots of toys and merchandise. It's safe to say that he is the most famous train of all time. If you and or your children are fans of Thomas, you have a chance to not only see him in person but take a fun ride with Thomas this summer in Kentucky.

Day Out with Thomas
Day Out with Thomas

Day Out with Thomas in Kentucky

Thomas the Train will be making his way to the Kentucky Railway Museum in New Haven, Kentucky June 10th, 11th, 17th, and 18th. This fun interactive train ride with Thomas will be something that you won't want to miss out on! What can you expect on this train ride with Thomas? According to the Kentucky Railway Museum:


<p><span id="page3R_mcid6" class="markedContent"><span dir="ltr">All Aboard!</span> <span dir="ltr">Thomas the Tank Engine,</span> <span dir="ltr">everyone’s favorite #1 blue engine</span> <span dir="ltr">is </span><span dir="ltr">coming to town</span> <span dir="ltr">and bringing a colorful new spin to Day Out With Thomas events. For the first time ever </span><span dir="ltr">Thomas &amp; Friends will be celebrating the magic and beauty of color with Day Out With Thomas: The Color </span><span dir="ltr">Tour. </span></span><span id="page3R_mcid8" class="markedContent"><span dir="ltr">Every ticket includes an interactive train ride with a life</span><span dir="ltr">–</span><span dir="ltr">sized Thomas the Tank Engine as well as access to </span><span dir="ltr">a full day of activities for</span> <span dir="ltr">all</span> <span dir="ltr">to enjoy.</span> <span dir="ltr">Families</span> <span dir="ltr">will be able</span> <span dir="ltr">to</span> <span dir="ltr">enjoy live entertainment with PJ’s Magical Events</span><span dir="ltr">, photo ops with Sir </span><span dir="ltr">Topham Hatt</span><span dir="ltr">,</span> <span dir="ltr">lawn games</span> <span dir="ltr">and</span> <span dir="ltr">stop</span> <span dir="ltr">by the pop</span><span dir="ltr">–</span><span dir="ltr">up gift shop for</span> <span dir="ltr">exclusive Thomas swag</span><span dir="ltr">.</span></span></p><p><span dir="ltr">Day Out</span> <span dir="ltr">With</span> <span dir="ltr">Thomas</span><span dir="ltr">: The Color Tour</span> <span dir="ltr">highlights include:</span><br /><span id="page3R_mcid9" class="markedContent"></span></p><ul><li><span id="page3R_mcid14" class="markedContent"><span dir="ltr">Friends and families will take a</span> <span dir="ltr">25</span><span dir="ltr">–</span><span dir="ltr">minute interactive train ride featuring</span> <span dir="ltr">a</span> <span dir="ltr">talking </span><span dir="ltr">Thomas the Tank Engine locomotive.</span></span></li><li><span id="page3R_mcid15" class="markedContent"><span dir="ltr">Activities and entertainment featuring a bubble play zone, create your own spin art, ride the live diesel miniature train and jump in the Day Out With Thomas bounce house and enjoy color sorting activities!</span></span></li><li><span id="page3R_mcid16" class="markedContent"><span dir="ltr">Snap some photos,</span> <span dir="ltr">take part in a painting activity and</span> <span dir="ltr">have some lawn game </span><span dir="ltr">fun in</span> <span dir="ltr">The Color Corner.</span></span></li><li><span id="page3R_mcid17" class="markedContent"><span dir="ltr">Play with Thomas &amp; Friends toys then pick out a temporary tattoo in the </span><span dir="ltr">Play Pod.</span></span></li><li><span id="page3R_mcid18" class="markedContent"><span dir="ltr">Photo</span> <span dir="ltr">o</span><span dir="ltr">pportunities</span> <span dir="ltr">throughout the event, including with Thomas himsel</span><span dir="ltr">f.</span></span></li><li><span id="page3R_mcid19" class="markedContent"><span dir="ltr">A Digital Color Pass that will guide guests through the event experience </span><span dir="ltr">highlighting the</span> <span dir="ltr">four</span> <span dir="ltr">key station stops to visit for</span> <span dir="ltr">a</span> <span dir="ltr">free giveaway!</span></span></li><li><span id="page3R_mcid21" class="markedContent"><span dir="ltr">Live</span> <span dir="ltr">e</span><span dir="ltr">ntertainment</span> <span dir="ltr">including</span> magic shows.</span></li><li><span id="page3R_mcid24" class="markedContent"><span dir="ltr">Say hello to</span> <span dir="ltr">Sir Topham Hatt</span><span dir="ltr">,</span> <span dir="ltr">Controller of the Railway</span></span></li><li><span id="page3R_mcid27" class="markedContent">Check out our large HO Model Train Layout</span></li><li><span id="page3R_mcid27" class="markedContent"><span dir="ltr">Pop</span><span dir="ltr">–</span><span dir="ltr">up gift shop on</span><span dir="ltr">–</span><span dir="ltr">site with</span> <span dir="ltr">exclusive Thomas &amp; Friends products</span> <span dir="ltr">only</span> <span dir="ltr">available at </span><span dir="ltr">Day Out With Thomas!</span></span></li></ul>

You can learn more and get your tickets by clicking here.

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