One website recently named the rudest city in each state. When it comes to Kentucky, it may or may not come as a shock to you.

Rude people are everywhere, let's be honest. You tend to find more of them in bigger cities because everything is more fast-paced, people are in a hurry and tend to only look out for themselves. However, even in smaller towns, you will still run into a few rude people. There's really no escaping them. When you think of Kentucky, is there one city, off the top of your head, that is ruder than the others?

The website, Travel A Lot, recently released an article that lists the rudest city in each state. Most of these cities are some of the biggest in the state, while others on the list might surprise you. When it comes to the rudest city in Kentucky, it's one that I have visited several times, but honestly, I don't recall running into any rude people any time that I have been there.

The Rudest City in Kentucky is..

Travel A Lot says that the rudest city in Kentucky is Louisville. Like, I said though, I've not experienced any rude people in Louisville, but if it made this list, I guess I just got lucky in avoiding them. Travel A Lot, doesn't say how or why they came to their decision, so it's a little hard to tell where that information came from. I mean, I guess when I think about it, perhaps it's all of the traffic and construction that turns folks in Louisville into Oscar the Grouch.  Or maybe something is wrong with their Medulla Oblongata?

Here's what Travel A Lot had to say:

<p>In recent years, Louisville has been ranked not only as one of the worst basketball cities in the country, but also one of the saddest places as well.</p><p>Whether those things are true or not, they've clearly struck a nerve with residents. So don't expect a warm response if you start questioning the city's credentials.</p>

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