If you're a fan of caves, this is the ultimate Kentucky road trip for you!

The Great American Road Trip

Road trips happen everywhere, but there is something uniquely "American" about a long road trip.  Sometimes they are just a means to an end, a way to get you to your destination.  However, sometimes the destination is the road trip itself.  For instance, many people have set out on Route 66 over the years, with the destination being Route 66 itself.  while Route 66 is the most well-known of the "great American road trips"  there are also road trips all across the United States that show off different areas.  This road trip is perfect if you're a fan of caves and want to see some of the most incredible caverns in Kentucky.


The Ultimate Kentucky Cave Road Trip

I saw this post on Facebook shared by Hidden Gems USA, and they truly have figured out the ultimate road trip to take you to nearly a dozen caves across the Bluegrass State.  The road trip will take about six and a half hours with no stopping, but this is one road trip where the destination is the road trip itself.  So you'll want to take your time and plan a few overnights so you can truly enjoy each cave system along the route.

Hidden Gems has the map of the route you'll want to take, which you can see here.  The map will wind you across Kentucky and to these nine caves:

1. Lost River Cave

2. Diamond Caverns

3. Mammoth Cave

4. Outlaw Cave

5. Crystal Onyx Cave

6. Hidden River Cave

7. Great Onyx Cave

8. Red River Gorge Underground Caverns

9. Carter Caves State Park



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