Looking for fun things to do this summer in Kentucky with the family? I think I might have found something that would be awesome for everyone in the entire family.

When it gets hot and sticky outside in Kentucky, what's the one thing everyone wants to do? Go swimming to cool off. As you know, there are a lot of places in Indiana that you can visit during the summer to cool off in the water. There are several pools, lakes, and splash pads scattered all throughout the state. Each of these has its own unique attractions, but I just found one that looks like an absolute blast. It's a hidden gem, inflatable waterpark, and swimming hole that you will want to add to your summer bucket list this year.

Check Out The Cove in Kentucky

Located in Louisa, Kentucky is The Cove. This place looks awesome. On top of swimming on Yatesville Lake, where you can swim all day, you can also rent kayaks, have some fun on the inflatable waterpark, take part in beach activities, and slide down a massive 75-foot-long water slide.

The Cove is located inside Yatesville State Park, where there are plenty of options for camping and recreation in the area. This waterpark is the perfect mix of family fun and relaxation. If you get bored on the beach and inflatables, you can explore the lake on one of The Coves, kayaks. I love kayaking, so everything about The Cove sounds like my kind of adventure. Looking through their Facebook page, it appears that throughout the season, they host different movie nights where you can watch movies like "Jaws," "Lake Placid," and "Friday the 13th" on a big screen while floating in the water. Sounds, awesome, right?!

The Cove is located at  606 Beach Rd - Louisa, KY 41230. It's open Tuesday through Sunday 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. You can learn more about The Cove by clicking here.

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