There doesn't seem to be very much time that passes anymore before we learn of new economic development somewhere in KentuckyF that will bring tons of jobs to the region in question.

And with all those reports coming in, you wouldn't be faulted for thinking that has to add up to something great in terms of where the Commonwealth is positioned among the 50 states. And you would be right.

KY Gets Very High Marks Nationally for Economic Development

Online publication Site Selection Magazine is an invaluable for movers and shakers in the business world and describes itself thusly:

<em>Site Selection</em>'s editorial mission is to publish information for expansion planning decision-makers — CEOs, corporate real estate executives and facility planners, human resource managers and consultants to corporations.

It's important to know Site Selection's value as an economic planning tool because it's the publication that annually ranks states' progress in economic development. And for 2023, Kentucky comes in at No. 3.

Kentucky achieved strong placement in Site Selection magazine’s 2023 Governor’s Cup rankings, coming in third nationally in economic projects per capita and first in the South Central region. The commonwealth also secured the second spot in the South Central region for overall projects, building on the previous year’s strong rankings. Kentucky has placed in the top 3 nationally and atop the South Central region in the per capita rankings each year of the administration.

Governor Andy Beshear Weighs In on Kentucky's Exciting Economic News

Obviously, the "administration" reference is about a certain governor who couldn't be happier about today's news:

In 2023, 180 expansion projects in the private sector that include nearly 8,600 jobs and $4.6 billion in new investments were catalysts for Kentucky's high placement.

South Dakota and Illinois were ranked first and second for 2023.

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