You have probably heard us use the phrase 'Adopt, don't shop', but what does that really mean? Adopting a dog does come with a fee, so isn't that shopping?

What's the difference between adopting from a shelter or buying from a pet store?

If you are of a certain age I'm sure that you remember going to the pet store and cuddling with puppies. Back then I never heard about animal shelters. I just thought that they were for lost pets, not a place to look for a pup.

Fast forward to now and we know that our shelters are always full, and if these dogs don't get adopted or fostered, they may be euthanized or live out their years in a kennel.


Pet stores rely on breeders and 'puppy mills' to provide dogs they can sell. This certainly encourages people to increase the pet population. This can cause our animal rescues to reduce adoption fees to compete with pet stores.


What is House Bill 1412?

Indiana Governor Holcomb voted in favor of House Bill 1412. This is something that our Indiana pet rescues are very concerned about. Currently, local cities and counties in Indiana can establish ordinances against pet stores selling dogs. This new bill that goes into effect in July of 2024 will override the local requirements.

Sets forth regulations concerning the retail sale of dogs. Requires retail pet stores, animal care facilities, and animal rescue operations to register with the Board of Animal Health. Establishes mandatory disclosures and warranties for a retail pet store selling dogs. Establishes a random inspection program for commercial dog breeders, commercial dog brokers, and retail pet stores beginning July 1, 2025. Voids local ordinances prohibiting the sale of dogs at retail pet stores.  

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