Oh yeah, you read that right! This Saturday, May 6th is the Kentucky Derby over in Louisville, but we'll have some stallions right here in Owensboro later that night!

The Shades of Hunks, an all-male revue, travels across the country with their action-packed dancing show, and they will give Owensboro all they've got this coming weekend. "The Premier Ladies Night Event That THUNDERS With Excitement!" hosted by El Rodeo Nightclub down on 4th Street with drink specials galore. So, grab your best gals and make sure you have a ticket to the spiciest show in town.

I don't know about y'all, but there is just something about a man in uniform that these fellas are taking full advantage of with their performance themes. Think cowboys, pirates, Army men... But they're more than just chiseled abs and beautiful faces, they can sing. Hello firemen! Serenade your gal, please!

Elle Flores' keeps it simple with her review of the show, "ooh girls let me tell you. Mmmm. Says it all."

I've heard the performers pay special attention to each and every audience member, but if you are really wanting to be a part of the action, they've got your back. Something special about this perfect girls' night out is that they offer onstage INTERACTIVE seating.


Hunks via YouTube
Hunks via YouTube

You've just got to see for yourself everything these guys have to offer. Oh, and I do mean everything...

Tickets range from $19.95 to $69.95 depending on how up close and personal you wish to be. Get those seats today before they sell out! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/shades-of-hunks-at-el-rodeo-nightclub-owensboro-ky-5623-tickets-531538123837?fbclid=IwAR3IwbiNCfzdJX9KESzfUSe7pR2d9FEO-C_abKgS5b5l-u_ozGZIXPQJMms

If you miss out this time, don't worry! The Hunks will be in Evansville at El Mariachi Night Club July 7th! Plan that bachelorette party or celebrate your divorce with The Hunks!


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